Company Profile & Vision

Many Profit Industrial Limited (MP) is a subsidiary company of Many Profit Group with its focus onretail sales in Hong Kong & Macau market. Since 1992, MP had been the sole agent of Midea,distributing small appliances including electric fans, rice cookers, air pots, heater, microwaveovens, induction cooker and sterilizing cupboard, etc., and had successfully steered Midea tobecome one of the most recognized Chinese small appliance brands in Hong Kong.

MP advanced a major step forward in 2010 by acquiring Hong Kong sole distribution right ofImarflex, a well-received Japanese small appliance brand, and the prospect of providing excellentand versatile electric appliances became even more promising. Since the 70s, Imarflex hasimpressed Hong Kong customers with its advanced technology and superior quality presented bya series of products such as stew cooker, microwave oven and halogen cooker. Imarflex has gainedthe forefront position among Japanese brands in just a few years.

Nowadays, Imarflex continues to expand the scope of kitchen & home appliances, which quality isclosely guarded by professional Japanese engineers. Furthermore, Imarflex encourages theconfidence in our customers by providing 2-year warranty to most of the products.

Imarflex has praised itself for serving Hong Kong people by providing the best quality of electricappliances to facilitate better living quality over the years. Quality-oriented production is the corevalue of Imarflex.

With such solid foundation, MP and Imarflex endeavor to continuously provide the best and thesafest products with reasonable price to every Hong Kong family.

Being one of the forerunners in the electric appliance industry, MP has vast experiencein procurement, and a system of refined procedures and definite goals has beendeveloped over the years. In addition, new products are introduced to the marketevery year based on big data analysis of authentic customers and users responses.